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Welcome to Sheffield Food Collective. We are a group of concerned individuals who are working to make a difference for families and individuals who are suffering from food poverty in this current economic climate.

We aim to help address this issue by making fundraising as accessible and fun as possible. Our events are enjoyable and often family friendly



Why ?


The combined impact of welfare upheaval, cuts to public spending, low wages, underemployment, unemployment and the high cost of living are putting unbearable pressure on many households, forcing them to seek emergency help to put food on the table. Shocked by this we decided that we had to help ensure that all of us in Sheffield get enough to eat.

We are doing this by collecting food at events we organise then distributing donations to local foodbanks and similar organisations. We are also encouraging other people to run their own events in conjunction with Sheffield Food Collective.

Who ?


Over 50,000 households in Sheffield are living in poverty, which equates to one in every five. On top of that, the number of food banks has grown from just three in 2010 to a whopping eleven, plus a number of other food share schemes and food poverty solutions which don’t classify themselves as ‘food banks’.

In terms of income and employment Sheffield is considered to be more deprived than Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Newham - some of the most deprived wards in London. Britain is the seventh richest country in the world – it is unacceptable that we have such high rates of poverty


How ?


We are an inclusive organisation who actively encourage others to participate in and/or host events in conjunction with Sheffield Food Collective. These can be big music shows to film nights to house concerts to knitting circles.

·         You might like to organise a food collection at your child’s school or your workplace, or you might just want to support us by attending events.

·         We are also interested in hearing from established promoters who might be interested in putting on a Fundraisers as well.

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Sheffield Food Collective

  • A farewell message After three years of coordinating fundraisers and foodbank collections across the city, Sheffield Food Collective shall no longer be operative for the foreseeable future. Many thanks for all of your support. We are proud to have built up a community of supporters and contributors since our first food bank fundraiser in Decemeber 2013. We have since collaborated with a whole host of talented people including musicians, artists, djs, promoters, graphic designers, teachers, tutors, venue owners, chefs, waiters, community initiatives, protesters, footballers, yoga teachers, photographers, grocers, volunteers, participants, students, writers, dancers, sound engineers, growers and the general public to collect food and money, and raise awareness for Sheffield food banks through many and varied events and online platforms. The people of Sheffield have given a lot of food, time and money to show their support for Sheffield food banks and demonstrate solidarity with food bank users and volunteers, for which we are very thankful. We have initiated discussions on and around food banks at all of our events. We have promoted the excellent work of our partnered food banks and other similar organisations on our social media platforms and at our events. We shall not close the platform down completely as it'd be good to leave the door open to make it possible to use it again in the future; Our Facebook and Twitter account shall remain online but not be updated; The SFC website and email function shall go offline with a view to restarting it should we need to do so; we welcome comments and suggestions from our supporters, volunteers and partners regarding this process. There are many organisations in Sheffield who do excellent work with regards to food insecurity and community food provision, and we hope that you shall continue to support them, these include Parson Cross Initiative, Fir Vale Foodbank, Firth Park Foodbank, AFC Unity and The Real Junk Food Project. A big thank you for your support over the years. In solidarity and with our best wishes, Sheffield Food Collective

  • Hopes to eradicate food waste.

  • Powerful new report from Joseph Rowntree Foundation

  • A new study finds errors and delays in the benefits system forces many claimants to turn to food banks


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Are you a promoter? A band? Would you like to volunteer? Would you like to host an event in aid of Sheffield Food Collective?

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